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Phil, Bill, Will and Callista Chat No.30 (15 Apr 2021)

Today we chat about the launch of Will and Callista's book "The Unzippering of America"; Ever Given; how to discern disinformation; passing of the prince of darkness; individual evolvement and much more... TO PURCHASE Will and Callista's BOOK "The Unzippering of America" go HERE:;pageSize=4Will Berlinghof's website: Utterback's website: https://unlimited-thought.comPhil Laing’s website: SUBSCRIBE … Continue reading Phil, Bill, Will and Callista Chat No.30 (15 Apr 2021)

Bill and Will Chat No.34 ~ 4 May 2019

Bill and Will had a shorter chat today as there were some communication interruptions. Topics include: Mueller Report, Dems muddying water, A.G. Barr, Cabal threatened and reacting, Temper tantrums, False flags, Julian Assange extradition, Australian election, Alberts election result, Cyclone floodings and much more ...