Will Berlinghof is a gifted individual who has profoundly touched and changed people’s lives for over forty years.

He has a B.A. Degree in Psychology with practical training in Group Therapy and Individual Counseling. Will has had great success using Trinary Regression Therapy as a way to understand and address deep-seated issues and traumas. 

These issues include Satanic Ritual Abuse, Relationship Issues, Abundance and Worthiness Issues and Alien Abductions.

Trinary Regression Therapy has been developed by Will to assist with these issues.

Humanity is rapidly moving toward a huge shift in consciousness. Preparation is necessary to enable this shift to occur.


Trinary Regression Therapy


“Miracles happen from the state of the High Self,
and Magic happens from the Low Self”
~Will Berlinghof

In the words of Cosmic Awareness to a client recently:

“While it is important to activate the light body, that at the same time it is important to continue to do the inner work, to discover the lines of connection, to bring down the blocks, barriers and beliefs and attitudes held by the low self, and to call in the high self for assistance in opening to one’s triunal nature, one’s trinary base of being. 

Not simply a binary base, but a trinary base, the three-part, the triunal: the high self, the low self, the middle self, and that therein, in that fusion of the three, when they come together, is also the key to opening the light body and accessing it.”

Trinary Regression Therapy – F.A.Q.

WHAT IS IT? :  Trinary Regression Therapy is a successful regression technique developed by Will Berlinghof.

WHY IS IT CALLED “TRINARY”? :  TRT works with all three aspects of your Self, enabling integration and empowerment.

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER TECHNIQUES? : TRT opens up the spiritual aspect of one’s nature, thus giving access to the superconscious element of one’s Being.  This allows the consciousness to blend with both the superconscious and the subconscious.

DO I HAVE TO BE HYPNOTISED? : No – this technique requires you to be fully conscious throughout.

HOW LONG IS A SESSION? : Sessions take at least TWO HOURS.  You are welcome to record your session.

HOW MANY SESSIONS DO I NEED? : It varies from person to person.  It is suggested three sessions will be most helpful, and this can be determined after the first session.  Some people will require more sessions.

DO I HAVE TO TRAVEL TO ATTEND THE SESSIONS? : No – all sessions take place over the telephone, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   Will calls you so you don’t have any telephone costs.




Trinary Regression Therapy ($352)

A single 2 hour session

Trinary Regression Therapy Package ($652)

Three 2 hour sessions, usually one week apart


Trinary Regression Therapy ($252)

A single 2 hour session

Trinary Regression Therapy Package ($495)

Three 2 hour sessions, usually one week apart

For those with financial restraints, Will is open to negotiate a fee to suit your budget.


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