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The Unzippering of America – How the Solar Eclipse of August 2017 Released the Forces of New Beginnings.

In a channeled message entitled “The Unzippering of America”, the spirit entity known as Cosmic Awareness stated that many long-hidden events would soon be exposed, shocking the American nation and involving the whole planet. The release would begin with passage across continental America of the solar eclipse on August 2017. The difficult truths exposed would eventually clear the way for new beginnings for humanity and new earth.

Twenty-eight further messages from Cosmic Awareness include “Upheaval, Chaos, and the Crumbling of the Old Structures”, “Hold On to Your Own Reality”, and “Return of the Light”.

Cosmic Awareness also gives methods for the reader to navigate safely through the chaos of the reveal and reach the assured new beginnings of Light and Spirit.



In the video below, Will and Callista talk with Phil about the book, how it came about, and how Cosmic Awareness showed us the way.

Excerpt from “The Unzippering of America” pp.12-14.

Humanity has a capacity to work with hindsight, but what must be developed is pre-sight, the condition of looking forward and understanding that from your position in the moment and in the Now, you can as easily look forward in time, to a time that while it is not yet so, is that which will be. It is important, knowing you have free choice, to also realize that to use free choice effectively, one must be free and independent in their thinking and in their application of their energies, especially the creative energies. It is why this Awareness has so often said that it is of importance to do work on yourself, to free yourself from the social conditioning and programming that all human beings receive when they come upon this physical plane. Remember the planet itself has a program that is in operation. And many of you, of course all of you, even this Awareness could say, chose to come into the programming of the social world you are living in, in the planetary energies you entered into. The old template was of a nature, that bipolar dualistic reality, with those in the dark, those dark ones, those powers that be, having the control of the system. And thus it was that even though, and even though it is still to some degree a dualistic bipolar reality, this is changing. And those that have had the power and the control are starting to lose that power and control.

If you can stay in that Point of Power that is the Now, and if you understand that you are raising your energies, by adjusting your thinking and the projections of your energies, to a new level where those who have had power no longer have as much power, and are seeing it wane more and more each and every day, in each and every moment, then you will start to realize and even see in your lives what a difference this makes. It is making a difference right now.

And as you project your thoughts and your energies into the Now and into the future, then you will see that you have some capacity as Creator Beings to actually make magic, to make it so that, that which has been told to you, that which you have been programmed to believe, that which you even entered knowing you had to offset the program, derail it, eliminate it, that this too could occur and is occurring.

Of course what seems to be the wall for most is that which is known as Reality, the cold hard facts that you are told over and over cannot be traversed, cannot be challenged. The simple truth is they can be traversed and they can be challenged and they are being challenged at this time. The old template of understanding, the old belief structure, the paradigms that most have lived their lives by, is beginning to crumble.

The paradox in this case then, is that while it is crumbling it also produces the situation of upheaval and chaos. That even though this Awareness has spoken over the last few months of this being a time of parting, a particularly difficult time, that it can also be seen as a time when that which was the old structure is starting to crumble, is starting to come down. In the Tarot this would be represented by that which is the lightning- struck tower.

When the tower comes down, those in the tower often are thrown to their destruction. And of course for many who work with the Tarot, this is an unfavorable card. But that is inaccurate. For it is a card that represents that which no longer serves, that which no longer feeds one, coming down, being taken down, being destroyed so that the new structure, the new spiral tower can replace it, can be built upon that spot. And that the spiral tower reaches to the stars.

Therefore during these times of chaos, especially when you are personally involved in chaotic energies, staying in the very center of the spiral, in the eye and heart of the spiral, is that which will ensure passage through the chaotic times. So much so, that even though the storms swirl around you and many are affected, your own personal situation may actually be a good one, or at least one where you are not pulled into the chaos. And therefore from that place of the center you can direct your life knowing that you are in the flow and direct to the flow, but from the place of being centered.

Excerpt from “The Unzippering of America” pp.35-36.

These are wondrous times. These are majestic times. These are magical times.

And as you see it, and hold it, and know it to be, despite the evidence contrary that seems to present itself on your mass media screens, that you will find this to be more and more your truth.

    As you are aligned with the Divine Source of your own being, and open up into the events of your life, you will see the persons needed in your life, the events needed in your life, the location you need to be in in this life, will present themselves. It does involve trust. It does involve faith to go with it, to not push the river nor go against the flow, but to simply say, “It is as it is. I am in alignment with the Divine Source of my being, and I am here to be of service to Divine Source and to myself.”

    Remember as this Awareness says to you so often, stay in the center of your circle, stay in your sacred neutrality. Be the observer. Know that the events that are happening outside of your circle are those distractions of a negative nature, are those events that are evidence, it seems, of the dark ones still being in control when the opposite is so. It is a state of being out-of-control they are contending with, and they are desperate in their actions to restore order as it once was for them. And this order is slipping away, day by day, hour by hour.

    As you stay focused into that which is the center of your own being, as it is so with the hurricane and the eye of the hurricane, the winds may swirl around you and sometimes even touch you, but you will not be diminished, you will not be shattered and destroyed. You will come out stronger than ever, and such is the way of it. Stay within yourself and be open to the gift and the gifts that are being presented to you at this time.

    This Awareness does say to one and all, you are doing powerful work, perhaps more so than any of you as individuals realize, for you are a collective force that is awakening. And this is not a force that is located only on one continent, or in one state or in one country, but over the breadth of this planet you are residing on. And it is a discovery of one’s inner self and one’s own being that you are personally taking part in. And this is a journey that is part of your spiritual journey. It is that which is in alignment with the will of Divine Source itself.

And it is holy, and it is sacred. And it is you, and it is your journey.

And it is so.