Will Berlinghof.

Will  has a B.A. Degree in Psychology with practical training in Group Therapy and individual counseling.


He has developed a therapeutic approach to doing deep-level counseling that involves working with the subconscious as well as connecting with the High Self spiritual aspect of one’s Being.  He calls this method Trinary Regression Therapy, which also involves the understanding and knowledge of other lives and their impact on the individual’s present life.  Will has had great success using Trinary Regression Therapy as a way to understand and address deep-seated issues including Satanic Ritual Abuse, Relationship Issues, Abundance and Worthiness Issues and Alien Abductions.

Using his wealth of experience in deep spiritual matters, Will is able to journey with his clients into the inner realms and assist them on their personal inner quests.

Because of his keen interest in metaphysics, Will has also developed his intuitive and psychic abilities.  As a result, he became a professional Tarot Reader, working at international levels.  This developed into the capacity to channel the high force of consciousness known as Cosmic Awareness, a role he has served exclusively since 2005.  Will lives in Calgary, Canada.  Use the contact form below to arrange appointments with Will.


Callista Summerfield.

Callista is an Intuitive Listener, Energy Interpreter and Experiencer.  

IMG_0478 copyCallista is widely traveled and her interests include the study of metaphysics, shamanic journeys, dream interpretation, philosophical discussions, classical music, painting and creative writing.   She is an off-world experiencer, medium, speaker and translator of Star Languages.  As a recognised Planetary Grandmother, she promotes the understanding of our connection with Mother Earth and the local Universe.  Callista lives in Western Australia and administers and maintains this website.

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