We are delighted to present a set of Inspirational Cards.

The Wisdom of Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness is delighted to make Itself available to you at any time with the drawing of a card.

This simple act connects you to the Wisdom of Cosmic Awareness.

Within these oracle cards you will find hope, confirmation, encouragement and most of all, a sense of humor!

Each card has a different message and an image to illustrate the message.

The cards come with a purple velvet bag so you can choose a card at random simply by reaching into the bag.

Use the cards for inspiration and wisdom to assist you in your inner journey.

This 72-card set is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones!




Will Berlinghof

Design, Production

Callista Summerfield

Richard Strauss

Many thanks to Richard for his invaluable professional assistance, without which, these cards would not have eventuated.