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To join Rainbow Phoenix, click on the link HERE

Why join?

  • New members receive a free e-book “Meditations of Cosmic Awareness” PLUS your first 2-hour reading at the greatly reduced price of $200;
  • Reduced reading and counseling fees for members;
  • Monthly Teleconferences where you can ask Cosmic Awareness questions;
  • Q&A sessions twice a month where members send general questions for Cosmic Awareness;
  • Access to secure Members’ Lounge where you can browse through years of archived material;
  • Access to the secure RP Members’ Forum where you can share and discuss with fellow members;
  • Exclusive members’ only messages from Cosmic Awareness.

In May 2021, Rainbow Phoenix began the Creation Light Ship Timeline series of teleconferences for Rainbow Phoenix members. The purpose of the series is to present soul clearings and activations to release old programming, clearing the way to access higher timelines.

Over several months the series evolved into the Source Energy Timeline, with the Golden Age beginning on 27 August 2021. To achieve full understanding of this Timeline, it is recommended that you start with the clearings in the May 2021 Telecon and work your way through, clearing your field as you go, then you will be ready for the Source Energy Timeline activations which began in September 2021.

To obtain these Clearings, you need to join Rainbow Phoenix as a Yearly Member ($90).  Once you have joined, a link will be emailed to you so you can access the Clearings and Audios associated with them.

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