“The reading with Cosmic Awareness was beyond profound and really went to the core of the questions I was asking.  It was fun, lively, deep, and extremely intuitive and on point.  I recommend a reading for anyone who feels like they have questions they would like answers to from a higher source of information.”~ L. K.
“I have primarily been interested in conversing with the Awareness as an adjunct to inner work and lessons that I have been in process in resolving for some time.  Receiving objective information in a direct and clear manner is very useful when one has arrived at important junctures in life where decisions must be made from the most lucid understanding possible.  For me, it was at these points when insight from Cosmic Awareness put confusions and mysteries to particular challenges into proper focus.  I found this to be the most valuable advantage of all…the ability to use one’s own inner guidance while cross-checking it with a consciousness that can see it from a higher and unobstructed perspective.


This is not always comfortable, as a session with this Awareness is a meeting with Truth.  But I found that many of my challenges were made problematic by not seeing the truths and causes behind challenging life-themes.

Can you imagine the advantage that is?

For these reasons, I felt that my sessions with Awareness were really valuable in getting to the heart of issues and feeling stress of these situations just lift and dissipate.”     ~ Phil L.


Will, thanks to you and Cosmic Awareness for just giving me the most significant reading ever: detailed multi-dimensional information about other lives, my connections to ancient Egypt, 

floral-1207115_1920Atlantis, Lemuria, and practical guidance for my current existence. Exhilarating, astonishing, and a great ride through the Museum of Time!

 ~RP (9/09/2015, USA)

At the end of November of 2013, I had a most incredible reading with Will Berlinghof who was channeling AWARENESS.  I have been a member of Cosmic Awareness Communications for 25+ years and CAC has had many interpreters since beginning in the 1970s.  In my opinion, Will is the very best of all the interpreters.

I am a practicing psychic, medium and astrologer of 40+ years, myself, and have had numerous readings over the years.  Unfortunately, I really couldn’t recommend anybody who did a reading for me since most of what they’d said was not true.  Because of this, I stopped getting readings about 20 years or so ago.1464844683535

I’d been thinking of having Will do a reading for me recently due to several difficult circumstances I’d experienced the last couple of years.  CAC held a raffle in the fall and the grand prize (two of them were given) was a reading with Awareness by Will.  I was very fortunate to be one of the two winners.

I can truly say that Will’s reading was one of the most PROFOUND EXPERIENCES I’d ever had.  Will’s reading was 100% accurate. There was not one thing that Awareness/Will said that wasn’t absolutely correct!  I was given the clarity and insight that I’d needed for myself for the first time ever!

Truly, I can honestly say that the prize CAC awarded me was the best gift I’d ever received in this life!  IF YOU REALLY WANT ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR LIFE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WILL BERLINGHOF.  There is simply no one as wonderful as he!  Once you’ve had a reading with him, you will never be the same.  You will finally understand your life and why you’re here.

~Stephanie Ellen St. Claire, Tucson, Arizona.

I recall at the time of my first Tarot reading in 1995 by Will, even then he was very talented and ‘right on’ in his observations.

Thinking about this over the years, I do believe after his relocation from England back to Calgary which was when I met him, he was actually ‘in training’ or ‘tapping in’ to/with Cosmic Awareness eventually becoming the Interpreter for the Awareness energies.

We kept in touch over the years and assistance was offered to me when difficult personal situations were encountered, and each time the Tarot was consulted, his observations and advice requested. These were invaluable, and very much appreciated in the sense that a slightly different perspective was offered to me to consider than the one presently held at that time, thereby taking that perspective up a notch or two to a more positive outlook. Needless to say, these were indeed extremely important at that time, and very much appreciated.1464846442717

When the opportunity to become the Energizer and Questioner for the Interpreter/ Cosmic Awareness was offered to me in late 2007, I was honoured, and without hesitation, the response was affirmative, recognizing the importance of the information reaching many at that time.

This was and has been a ‘growing experience’, thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

During this time, Will’s abilities strengthened even more and more and, quite honestly, I do not believe there is another channeller of the Awareness Energies on the Earth plane today who can match his skills.

After his relocation to Australia and marriage to wonderful Callista, he has achieved the happiness due him and the respect of many others who have enjoyed the benefit of a personal reading from Awareness via Will. Each recipient I am sure has experienced life-altering changes to at least one perspective that person previously held to something higher or more positive, which ultimately helped them immensely on their path.

Based on experience, a unique opportunity for one and all, especially for those at a crossroads and needing help deciding/making choices in their private life as it is my personal belief a private session with Cosmic Awareness via Will can really help sort things out and be of assistance to them in many ways.   ~Joan

I became acquainted with the Cosmic Awareness messages over 30 years ago.  They have become a pivotal point in my life and have been a tremendous influence in guiding my life’s path.

Will Berlinghof was an excellent tarot card reader/enlightened counselor and has now evolved into a superb channeler for Cosmic Awareness.  1464846136438There is a plethora of individuals on this plane who channel various entities, most of whom are influenced covertly by CIA psychic operatives.  Will is the only person I know of who channels Cosmic Awareness from the 12th dimension.  He does not channel any entity but gets his information directly from Cosmic Awareness and is protected from outside influences during the channeling sessions.

Aside from going within, one could not do better than a personal session with Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof!  ~Lloyd A. January 2014

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday.  It was a pleasure to chat with you and Awareness. I am empowered by the words Awareness spoke.  And it feels great that Awareness said I am on the right track and am fulfilling my life purpose.

1464844739094After a busy week, I got a chance to listen to the entire reading with CA again.  The whole session was insightful and full of guidance for my entire family.

Please share with Will my deepest gratitude for his time and gifts.~CV

I can’t even begin to tell you how important this message was to me. I have been reeling, wondering if all this inner work was for naught and close to some despair.1464857007199

This message gave me so much inspiration to stay the course and remain hopeful.

Thank you ever so much for your work.  ~RB

I challenge others to get a reading by way of you as we all know full well that everything on this plane of existence constantly changes and while you are Willing to give this once in a lifetime service for those who are smart enough to get in line to receive theirs they must take this opportunity to do so or they may live to regret never getting the answers to some of the most intimate of questions one should get answers to…and who else but the Creator Itself can go over a multitude of timelines with you and at the end of the reading takes a good deal of time to also give healing blessings to you before ending the session.1464765097150

I immediately felt balanced and stronger from that moment on, and so much more that those who decide to get a reading will also experience I can promise them that. Again, I am eternally grateful for the service you give to others; for I Am a changed woman forever.

Sincerely, Rev. Marie Templeton

The call was beyond my expectations.  CA’s balance, 1464846611085candor, and detailed information were evident in every one of the answers. There was also no sensationalism, which I really appreciated.


Thank you for the audio and have listened again and so much gratitude for the awesome reading and the kindness shared with me in our blah blah blah before and after the reading.

1464845336017The both of you are a blessing that you are here and so grateful we coexist together so had you to reach out to.


It was great to be in contact with you and to feel your loving presence the other evening. I have much to digest and absorb from Awareness’s message.1464844739094

It is such a blessing to have access to Its wisdom through you, Will, and to use it to assist me in moving forward with ease and grace into the new world that we are creating.  ~MC

I find CA’s insight to be the most believable, accurate and relevant perspective that has come my way in this life time….69 yrs.  There are other sources that rate well too, 1464845441631and I check in with them…but on the basis of CONSISTENCY….CA, to me, is my respite in these times wherein it continues to be more and more challenging to stay balanced….to stay the course.


Hello Will, Thank you for the amazing reading.  You were fantastic as Interpreter.  Cosmic Awareness answered questions that I had pondered for decades, but also brought up more questions.

I am looking forward to listening to the reading again tonight and into the future, and taking detailed notes.

It was interesting that Cosmic Awareness chose the Shaolin monk past life for my son and me.  When my son was a teen he took an interest in using the staff like in the video games.  He was pretty good at twirling that staff!  I gave it a whack and ended up whacking my right ear and bringing myself to tears.  I wasn’t channeling the Master that day!  It can be very funny how past lives show themselves in our current lives.  I am happy to hear that listening to the tapes again and again continues to reap benefits.”

Like Cosmic Awareness said, “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” ~Mary T.  February 2014

Dear Souls Will and Callista!

I just want to thank you so so much for the recent wonderful session I had with Will/Cosmic Awareness Monday March 21st 2016.  So many questions were answered for me–all so genuinely helpful in my spiritual development.


I’m listening and transcribing the session–just had to take a break to thank you both–I feel so energized and inspired. I plan to post the first part of the session for the Rainbow-Phoenix family as I feel all may benefit from the information presented.

If you would like to use this as a testimonial for the sessions/readings with Cosmic Awareness you certainly may. This is my third session over a span of 4 years and I feel blessed for all the important information given.

A thousand thanks for your service to one and all.  Love and Blessings,  Diana Anderson.


This was a life-changing reading for me, and one that I will mull over for a long time.1464764875552

 It was also great chatting with Will prior to the reading as well, and I am truly grateful for his support and dedication to the light.



I’ve been asked to write a testimonial on the occasion of Will having just finished my 33rd reading.  Just a little background first.


Dzi Beads with Red Coral
I have been a member of C.A.C. since the early 1970s.  I met Paul Schockley thru his friend and energizer Dede and Paul did several readings for me in the 70s and 80s.  With good result.  In 2008 Will did the first reading for me. I find his work to be very insightful and helpful. 
I’ve asked questions on a broad range of subjects.  He’s helped me clear up some details on the construction of my 7-D Water Filters, and many other ideas and subjects I find of interest, including my current work with Dzi beads.  
I highly recommend his services and readings.  Sincerely ~Robert Beard