The Unzippering of America

Will Berlinghof and Callista Summerfield

RP Bk Cover - Large.jpg

Back and front covers

The Unzippering of America – How the Solar Eclipse of August 2017 Released the Forces of New Beginnings.

We are so pleased to be able to offer this book at last!

We have kept the price as low as possible (US$12.99).

You can purchase it HERE

In a channeled message entitled “The Unzippering of America”, the spirit entity known as Cosmic Awareness stated that many long-hidden events would soon be exposed, shocking the American nation and involving the whole planet. The release would begin with passage across continental America of the solar eclipse on August 2017. The difficult truths exposed would eventually clear the way for new beginnings for humanity and new earth.

Twenty-eight further messages from Cosmic Awareness include “Upheaval, Chaos, and the Crumbling of the Old Structures”, “Hold On to Your Own Reality”, and “Return of the Light”.

Cosmic Awareness also gives methods for the reader to navigate safely through the chaos of the reveal and reach the assured new beginnings of Light and Spirit.



Peace and blessings from Callista and Will

Special thanks to Richard Strauss, whose patience and expertise has been epic.

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