Phil, Bill & Will Chat No.12 (4 Apr 2020)

What is DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION? What has happened to the CHILDREN? Children are SACRED! SHOCKING NEWS is BREAKING! HOSPITAL SHIPS for thousands of Children, DARKNESS TO LIGHT, Breaking the BRAINWASHING and much more…

Will Berlinghof’s website:
Bill Utterback’s website:
Phil Laing’s website:

One thought on “Phil, Bill & Will Chat No.12 (4 Apr 2020)

  1. I would like you to ask Awareness if some of those children are from the Sandy Hook/ New Town “massacre” ordeal. I’ve never been able to believe what we were told.
    Of course, I’m also wondering what other things will shortly be exposed. I can hardly wait. I’m hoping the JFK murder comes out soon, too. I am elated that the children & others rescued are being freed! I hope so much that is exposed to the public very soon!


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