Cosmic Awareness: “The Choice Is Yours” (2 Mar 2020)

The CA Message mentioned in the PB&W Chat No.8 could not be uploaded to our channel. It is available as an audio to our members. This message was given to the public in its place. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Cosmic Awareness: “The Choice Is Yours”

  1. Guess it didn’t. So… Wanted to thank you for the reading posted. And if/ when you do an energy focus on weather things like hurricanes etc, please let me know by text if I may join in. I’m actually kinda good at that. Never tried a hurricane before but… Lol. And please tell Dede she can text me anytime. She’s a sweetie. My cell is 1-971-57-3290. Dede knows me from Portland, & Paul Shockley . Big hug, Dede! Thanks much, Callisto! 🙂


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