Phil, Bill and Will do a review of 2019, and speculate about 2020. Don’t miss this one – new info is included!

Topics include: Solstice energies; Universe is timeless; Q Team activity; Bioweapon threat in California; China Lake ‘earthquakes’; Trump throws down gauntlet; Yellow vest movement; mass shootings; impeachment craziness; FISA declass next; INDICTMENTS and MASS ARRESTS; MILITARY TRIBUNALS and much more.

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2 thoughts on “Phil, Bill & Will Chat No.3 (21 Dec. 2019)

  1. I’m trying hard to stay neutral on the whole thing of US government, just observe the whole, not the party line stuff, but the entire thing as if it’s all a play. To not have opinions & emotions about it. It seems to always drag on, & feels like it may not turn out with any real change for years yet. To observe & not take sides & form opinions seems the only way to go if we want to observe any real truth. To witness the whole entire thing for what it is & what it will be in 5 years or 10. Awareness observes it all & expresses that it will come out ok. I’m so grateful for all the communication from Awareness, and I have been aware for many years how accurate everything it expresses always is. So I’ll just be open & neutral as much as I can. And witness. Thank you so much, Will!


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