180415: Cosmic Awareness April 2018 Teleconference Opening Message

The Force Behind the Scene


Cosmic Awareness: That which is Cosmic Awareness is available and greets one and all. It greets you at this most monumental of times, this most pressing of times, this most historical of times. It asks you to remember that you have all chosen to be here now, to be part of these historical times, to be part of the energies that are percolating at this very moment.

Some of those energies are very strong and seemingly are very negative in nature. Others are of a more uplifting variety, and can indeed serve you and lift you to new realms of your own perception and your own experiences. Experiences that are based not on your singularity as the third dimensional being restricted and limited, but rather as a multidimensional being that has at the same moment other elements, other aspects of your own consciousness that are very active and that are playing a part in these times, both here on this planet, but beyond the realms of the physical, beyond the realms of this planet.

That as the events play themselves out, do not get stuck into the negative fear and anger and frustration, of actions that on the surface seem detrimental and indeed even evil in their content and in their expression. Do not worry so much that there has been a strike on Syria by three nations. But see rather that there are communications that are taking place behind the scenes, unknown by you because they are not reported on. There are conversations between America and Russia for example, and that while they play out their roles for the benefit of the mass media, the controlled media, it does not mean that there is not a game plan behind the actions that are taken and that are taking place.

Many felt that if a strike on Syria occurred it could be preliminary to an escalation of hostilities leading to another world war, the third World War. That while there are timelines that may contain such events, you are not involved in those timelines unless you are so caught up by them, so believing of them that you put your focus there and hence your energies.

But this Awareness assures you all, that as seen from the perspective of this Awareness, that none of you are actually as involved in that negative framework as you might think. It does not mean that you are not feeling the effects of a disruption in the force of consciousness that is the collective of humanity. Many of you are feeling it very personally and in that personal experience there is indeed the element of fear, of sadness, of sorrow, of grieving for actions that are less than enlightened.

But if you remember always that there are those behind the scenes. And this is not even saying those actors behind the scenes, but that it is a reference directly now to the force in consciousness that is Divine Source, that is Spirit, that is you and your expansion in consciousness to levels much beyond the levels of the personal experience. And that as you tie in to your own high level experience in consciousness, you will understand that the contexts of events that are occurring are in accordance to these bigger plans, to the big game that is being played out not only in the physical but also in the spiritual levels.

There is an adjustment that is coming about now, and for that adjustment to take place, actions do need to be taken that in a limited way are seemingly very detrimental to the human experience. But if you also remember that those who have had power for so long are now in a situation of complete desperation. And that they are even doing criminal actions in order to try to pull it back for themselves, but that they have already been defeated. And that the future is known to be a future where these ones no longer have power or control. And that humanity has come through these moments that seem to be so challenging and negative at this time.

Look beyond the moment, in that you are able to project your consciousness into the future, into your future, into the future of humanity. And hold that this is indeed that very time that you have chosen to be involved in, to be part of. And how it is, that as you are part of the greater collective in consciousness that goes well beyond even the collective of humanity, that it is the intent and purpose of that collective that you are part of, that Divine Source energies that all are part of, that are also very much at play here and behind the scene.

If you have the experience that you are exhausted, or that you are spinning, or that you are feeling grief and sadness, take the moment to simply release this, to let it go, to say to yourself that it is all right, that there are ones that are involved, that the Divine Source itself is involved. And that which is playing itself out, while distressing on some levels, is part of the bigger picture as well. And that the actions taken by those few will come back at them one way or another, or will open new portals, new doorways of understanding and awareness as those who are the corrupt ones are exposed more and more, and their lies and their deceit are exposed for all to see.

It is a struggle that this Awareness can say in the framework of the physical experience are monumental indeed, and yet they are very much contained within the fabric of the Divine orchestration of the energies. And that this comes from beyond the experience in the physical. As you identify not with the limited and restricted being that you may think yourself to be in the physical. And identify more with your expanded consciousness, and the understanding that you are an aspect of the Divine Source expressing itself at this time. And that you are part of the energies of the Divine Source in these times.

You may well understand that everything that is happening is but an illusion. And it is only when you energize it without this balance, without this neutrality, the sacred neutrality, that you are most affected. Look around and see how many are affected because they are not in their neutrality, in their balance, in their centeredness. Know that they are going through what is necessary for them to come to a new realization and understanding of things. Know that they are coming through a shift in consciousness that they do not understand.

And therefore, for many the journey may be a rough journey. But do not identify with their problems, their focus, with their intent, rather go beyond it. As this Awareness has just said, find the centeredness of your being and expand out from it. Call to those higher levels of your own consciousness, those parts of yourself that are multidimensional and lie beyond the framework of the reality of experience that you the focus personality is going through at this time.

Remember also that while many are afraid of death, that death itself is an illusion and not simply the snuffing of the experience of life, but rather the transition from one state of consciousness to another. That many are afraid of death because they think they will be eradicated, erased, removed from consciousness, when nothing could be further from the truth.

It is that time of expansion into the greater framework of your own reality of Spirit. And that this reality of Spirit supersedes the illusional state that you are experiencing at this moment. That if you understand death is nothing but that moment of transition, then perhaps you can lose the fear of death that so many have, that so many feel so abject about, so distraught about, so fearful of. And that as you move through the levels of consciousness in your own personal experience, calling in your higher states of consciousness, you will begin to understand, but even more importantly you will begin to feel the complexity of your own spiritual nature. And how it is important to have focus, but it is also important to go beyond focus.

As you deal with such matters you will also begin to understand that many experience in life a fear of life itself, a fear of the experience of life. For as they see it from that negative perspective where things are happening tothem, that they are afraid then of change. They are afraid to let it go, to look at things differently, to understand in the nature of the shift in consciousness, that this actually means that many things that were once known and held to be so are coming to an end, are coming to the death of the experience.

But as already mentioned, the death experience itself is but transition, whether it is the death of the body and transition back into spirit, or the death of the precepts and concepts that have held humans down, held them back. This including the nature of reality regarding nation-states, the political experiences that have been experienced over the decades and centuries, the limitation of the physical body, its capacity not to be able to heal itself for example. And that this is all part of the shifting in consciousness that is happening now.

Therefore, welcome life. Welcome the experience that you are having in the life you are involved in right now. Know that you are truly ascended beings who have come back into a reality form, a body, to have these experience and to be part of the changes that are happening, the transition that is occurring, the endings that are taking place. For this is as it is, and it is as you choose it to be.

That life itself is a wondrous experience if you hold it is so. That these are not necessarily evil times but rather exciting times, the times of endings and new beginnings, the time of transition from the old mindset of reality to something so new that it can hardly be imagined. Remember, as you have chosen to be here, you have also chosen then to remember how it is beyond the precepts and concepts that have hemmed humanity in for so long. You know it within yourself, you hold it within yourself.

Be joyous in that you are here as part of the solution, not simply part of the problem. And that as those who are here promoting the problem, the evil, the dark mindsets, are seen and comprehended, that you will take away from them their capacity to be in charge. This is already occurring. This is part of that which this Awareness calls the big plan, the big game. And that this is a game that has ramifications of the most positive nature, even though to get there you must go through the disruptions that you experience from time to time, great disruptions like that which was experienced on 13 April, great disruptions in the collective force of consciousness of humanity.

When you are going through these experiences, remember always that while you may be experiencing it on a personal level, it is within your right to simply sleep through it, to relax through it, to release from it and to let it all play out while holding, holding, holding that all will be fine. For that is that which is in accordance to the Divine purpose and nature of Divine Source itself.

And you are part of Divine Source. You are a spark of the Goddess and God, and that which is the highest level of Divine Spirit itself.

And it is so.

That this completes the opening message at this time.


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