Cosmic Awareness speaks about Vimanas:


Q: There is something about the Vimana ancient astronauts’ spaceship discovered in Afghanistan and it was published by (Disclosed Truth TV) DiscloseTruthTV

It reads:

“There is a rumor about the discovery by US military scientists of what is described as the Vimana entrapped in a ”Time Well” that has already caused the disappearance of at least 8 American soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5000 years”.

The question: What happened to the eight American soldiers? Was this craft protected by other beings, and if so who?”

CA: That the soldiers who disappeared were transported back to the initial time when the vessel was placed in storage. They were not killed, they are simply in another timeline reality that one would call the past. The time was the time that the extraterrestrial beings established the protections around the ship that automatically teleported individuals, these soldiers, back in time and space, back to this original timeline. This is seen as what has happened to these particular individuals. They could be returned back into the future, back to this present time, but they are being somewhat held prisoners at that time/space intersection. As for the vessel itself, it is an authentic vessel, a ship that was put in storage at a time when there was need to do so. But it is also the truth that there are many other vessels that are equally in storage, many other tools and implements, many other sites where there are underground buried cities with pyramids and ancient technologies.

That many of these technologies are being fired up once again. This Awareness did speak of an event that is now starting to occur, when many of the pyramids are being utilized to create a stronger force field around the planet for the event of the arrival of Nibiru, an event that was known about, foreseen, thousands of years ago. There are many locations around the planet that are now reporting strange rumbling, thundering noises under the ground, where they are seeing strange lights and flashes going up into the skies. These are those underground sites, those generator sites, that are being powered up, that are being reactivated now in order to create a defensive shielding around the planet.

The Galactic Federation is primarily responsible for this and is also taking actions in space itself to assist this process and also to create a corridor to funnel Nibiru down and through, a funnel removed from the planets and a deadly intersection with Nibiru if it were to come too close. It is so that the planet’s influence, Nibiru’s influence, will still affect Mother Earth. It is still seen that this is part of the Cosmic Divine plan to shift consciousness and to assist the Ascension process of Mother Earth at this time; but it is not deemed as absolutely necessary that a total world destruction scenario take place, and there are many timelines where this is altered and where this is avoided. That this Awareness says that the underground technologies that have been buried have been buried with purpose and reason.

Vessels such as the spaceship that was discovered are waiting to be used once again. The time they have been in storage is meaningless to the shape [condition] of the vessels and to their ability to be used once again. That they will be used at the time that is appropriate and right to work against the effects of Nibiru. But also these are vessels that have been used in the past in battles that have occurred on the planet between the Anunnaki forces of Enlil and Enki. There are stories of them. The Indian sacred books, for example, do contain much in the way of the battle that occurred, although it was not completely understood in times past. It was perceived as the battle between the gods, but in truth it was the battle between the extra-terrestrials. This evidence has been presented already many times over in many books and in recent TV series. This Awareness is simply confirming that this was so and that there are indeed vessels, as well as technologies, as well as underground cities and pyramids that were put into stasis at a time that is considered ancient history and are now being reactivated. Does this answer the question?

Q: Yes, yes partially. Is this also related to the Galactic Federation?

CA: This is so. It is seen as a vessel that the Galactic Federation beings can use.

Q: Good, good. There was something also that I read, I’m not sure where. The heads of different nations were called to this particular area with regard to this particular Vimana. I’m just not sure how that works in, that is because it was a discovery in Afghanistan, is that correct?

CA: This is correct. This particular space vehicle has certain technologies aboard that are considered so highly advanced that they are both a threat to the Powers That Be as well as an interest to them, for it is hoped that they could indeed enter into that space and claim this vessel for themselves. But there have been certain force fields erected that have the effects that this Awareness has described, of teleporting those who would pass through them to another time and place. In addition to the information just presented about the soldiers, this Awareness would also add at this time: they will be restored back into physical reality after certain shifts in the power structure have occurred, the power structure of the planet, those in charge. That it is seen that after the Ascension process is complete they will be returned back to the planet of this time, but not until then.

As to the vessel itself, that it is a prize that is wished for by the Powers That Be but that will be denied them. It is a vessel that will soon be launched. It has the technologies that will allow it to be seen by the masses in a way that has never been shown before but it is also that it has technologies that will render many of the Orion/Reptilian fleet useless.

It is seen that this vessel was used at the very end of the wars between the Anunnaki Enlil and Enki and it was a weapon that was used effectively by the Enki forces against the forces of Enlil. But it also developed serious technical problems and could only be used for a short time, which is why it was put into storage with the knowing that when it was needed again the technology would be available to repair the damages that had been done to it, that occurred when it was used, so that it can once again be an effective weapon against those powers of the Orion/Reptilian forces, those that were previously the forces of Enlil. Is this clear?

Q: Yes it is. It brings to mind too, is there a correlation between, say this discovery or similar discoveries over the years where manuscripts, discoveries in the great libraries of the nations were destroyed or burned or buried?

That there were in the histories of the planet events where the great works were destroyed, works from what would be understood as prehistoric times when there should have been no such works available, no such books available. The burning of the library in Alexandria is such an event where it was hoped that they would destroy these ancient manuscripts so they could not be used later. However at that time many of the texts were not destroyed but rather removed in a way similar to that which is in use around the vessel – that they were shifted through time/space into another time and thus removed from danger. The library was destroyed. The assumption that the books were also destroyed was what was held by those who had had lit the fires, but in truth many of those texts were not destroyed but rather moved and saved and will be made available again in the future, in the short future, the near future. They are ready to be reclaimed.

Q: Fantastic! That would be this particular place in Egypt then, is that correct?

CA: Not only Egypt but in other areas. At the present moment the government that is in power in Egypt has much more knowledge about these types of activities than it shares with the public. It would wish to confiscate these books and hoard them for themselves. This will not be allowed to happen. When these books are made available it is not simply that they will be made available in Egypt but in many different locations around the world, not even always the ancient sites but even on the book markets of the internet or in institutes in New York, for example, where they will be revealed when the time is right.

It is also seen there are other ancient locations still hidden but ready to be opened up, Shamballa being one such location. There are many, many books stored there, there are many implements there, artefacts there of the old times, the prehistory times when the Galactic ones were more open in their presentation of themselves on the planet, where they established themselves as the gods and goddesses of the minions, of the servants, of the slaves that they controlled. They still control, although not quite as obviously. They cannot claim godhood but they do claim moral superiority and the right to ownership of the planet. These ones will be exposed and many of those hidden artefacts, hidden books, hidden implements, will help to do so.

That you did mention that recently government leaders did come together in the spot where the spaceship is hidden. That this is so, for they were gathered together for they know this ship and other artefacts, other vessels, other books are ready to be brought forward and Disclosure begun. This too is part of Disclosure and these ones did gather on that occasion for an emergency summit. This was mentioned by this Awareness recently. It was why the entity that is known as Barack Obama had such a bad showing at the first debate, for it was not Barack Obama that was there debating but a clone. The real Barack Obama had been called to this emergency conference. He went via the underground tube railway that has tremendous speed and many others such as Merkel, Putin, the Russian leader, and others also were there at the time. Thus it is that the concern is genuine amongst these world leaders and their Masters, the Orion/Reptilians.

For the first time they are in doubt of whether or not they will be as successful as they think they will be and thought they will be. This has created shock waves through their ranks, so much so that they could call forward a standing president on the verge of an important debate so that he would be there as part of the gathering. The clone, as you know, was not very effective for the debate. He, the clone, was so disorganized and flustered by the mass attention that it could not be as effective as it sometimes is, for this clone has been used before when the president had other things to attend to. But normally he would not need to deal with such a high pressure situation, would only present himself in marginal situations, but because of the urgency of getting the president to this meeting, this gathering, it was deemed that this clone could handle itself well enough. This was a mistake by those who are its handlers but this is indeed another matter and one has seen the results of that decision.

What one has not seen, what the masses have not been told, is that these artefacts, vessels and implements that are being discovered are ready to be released, and when they are this will seriously compromise the existing power structure. It will be a blow indeed against the Orion/Reptilian faction and they are scattering now and desperately trying to cover things up once again to make sure nothing is released. But this is an issue beyond their control. It is part of that which is the process of the dissolution of the power structure, the paradigm of control that is in place on this planet. It is part of the End Times, it is part of that which needs to finally, come forward so that the planet that has been under such dictatorship and control for so long by the dark ones can finally wake up and realize what has been happening. This is all part of the unfolding of these times and the shifting of consciousness that is occurring on so many levels. This completes this answer unless you have any further questions for this Awareness.

(Excerpt from a session recorded in October 2012.)



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