The Heart Meditation ~ from Cosmic Awareness.

That this Awareness wishes to re-present a meditation that was given several months ago. But, with an addition.

That this is the meditation of the Heart, accessing the secret God chamber in the heart of each human being.

That this Awareness says that indeed in the very heart of each human being is a small space.  Science sees it as a microscopic space.  But, nonetheless, a space that contains the spark of God.  This is that which this Awareness calls the Hidden Chamber of God.  And it is from this chamber that the spark of consciousness and Divine light indeed infuses the human being.  The spirit, the mind, the body and the heart of each and every human being.

That in the meditation, that one sees themselves, imagines themselves, standing a few feet in front of themselves.  One can visualize, if one has the ability of visualization, a vortex coming out from the heart itself.  For those who find visualization hard, simply imagine this, know this, accept this to be so, and continue the meditation in this manner.

That one stands in front, viewing one’s self, viewing the heart, heart chakra.  The vortex that extends is such that one enters into the vortex and reduces in size.  The final destination being that which is a door into the heart.  One comes to this door, and there, lying on a shelf beside the door, is a key.  This is your key to enter into the chamber of the heart.  You take this key.  You insert it in the lock.  Open the door, and enter.  You pass down a tunnel that enters into a huge chamber, full of light.  In the very center of the chamber is a throne.  That you advance to this throne and seat yourself upon it.

It is the throne of God consciousness, and this is the hidden chamber of God within the heart.  The spark of God within the heart.  That you sit in this throne, opening yourself up to the love, the light, the beauty, the power that is God.  That you allow this energy of Divine force to enter strongly within you, charging you, rejuvenating you, slipping you to high levels of consciousness.

That you then take three breaths, and as you take these three breaths, you feel within your own chest, your own heart, swelling with the love of the Divine for you and for all.

With the final, third breath, you release this wine of energy, of love, from the heart upwards through the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and finally up and out of the crown chakra.

See this force, this energy, swirling around, creating a vortex that spins upwards.  The spin being clockwise in direction.  See this vortex extending from the crown of your head, ever upwards until it reaches a point high above you, and spills over onto a surface, a sphere-like surface.  That the energies continue to spiral down around and down the surface of this sphere.  Down the ball of your consciousness that surrounds this body and this mind of each individual.

That this spinning energy goes down along the sides of the ball, perfectly describing the exterior of the ball of consciousness around you, and comes down back into an opposite sphere, opening a vortex, opening, rather at the bottom of this torus,th this toroidical ball of consciousness and energy that surrounds each and every human being.

That the spinning energy is again spinning inward, upward and re-enters the body of each individual, your body, as you sit on the throne.  Feel it re-enter the heart and feel it again well up, allowing it to build up, allowing it to finally be released once again through the crown chakra, up and over the edge, around the torus, the torus-ball of consciousness and energy and back inside.  Back into the heart.

Do this at least one more time, three actions being that which is required.  That indeed one can do this more than three times, but three revolutions of this energy will indeed open the heart, open the mind, open the energy fields, expanding them, indeed, to those new levels that are now required.

That once this exercise is complete, that one can sit awhile longer on the throne of God’s consciousness and God’s heart, sparking the deeper feelings of connection to the Divine.

When one is complete, one stands and leaves the chamber.  Goes down the tunnel and closes the door behind oneself.  See yourself exiting again through the vortex, the heart chakra vortex, and see yourself once again viewing yourself from in front of you.  Thus, completing this action.

That when this is done, simply allow the energies to be what they may be and complete this meditation when you are ready.

Thank you, Awareness.  Many have been describing that they have feelings of fear and they are wondering how they could overcome those feelings so that they can then center themselves in their hearts, and this seems to be a really good way of being able to center oneself in that part of the heart where there is no fear.

There is no fear, for you are in the very essence of God Itself, that which is the essence and mind, the heart and the soul of the Divine.  You are in completion with that which you are.    You are the individual expression of the Godhead and the Godhead is the collective expression of all there is.  That knowing this beyond an intellectual knowing is that which will indeed infuse one with great calmness, peace, joy and bliss.

That this does not mean each and every individual will achieve this immediately, but with practice, many will begin to truly feel the serenity and peace of God, thus, quelling the fears and anxieties.  Thus, connecting one with the inner knowing that resides in all that each is an eternal being, part of that which is the Godhead, God force.  And that it is this that which marks the ascension above all, the knowing that one is multi-dimensional, that one is a spark of Divine consciousness, that one is the expression of God Itself, having a physical experience of separation from Itself.

But that all will return into the full knowledge of their Divine nature, and that, coming now, is a great opportunity indeed to achieve this.  It comes no matter what one fears or thinks or believes.  It comes because it is God’s plan for the experiment to be complete, and the new journey in consciousness to begin.

Yes.  It seems that this meditation would also be very useful when those of us on certain paths on this planet are surrounded by those events that would unsettle us from our center.

This is so.  That with the use of this meditation, one can achieve that inner calmness and stillness, without even needing to visualize or imagine oneself in the chamber itself.  For once one has done this meditation several times, it is indeed ingrained in their knowing and can be instantly accessed for those times when there is need to find that connection with the Divine spark.  And that one simply feels the energy of the heart and allows the knowing of the heart to direct them and guide them forward.

Would it be correct to say that this action that we do in this meditation actually is activating a kind of merkaba around us which protects us also?

This is indeed correct.  And as yet another addition to the meditation.  Individuals are invited to also see the torus they are creating at the very center of the merkaba.  The merkaba of course being two intersecting triangles.  One with the base at the top, pointing downwards.  The other third-dimensional triangle, for both are three-dimensional in shape, sacred solids, intersecting with the base downwards, pointing upwards. It is the classic Star of David in a two-dimensional form that is given three- dimensional form.   And that the torus should be seen inside of this shape, this merkaba form.  Then, touching the very points, seeing a sphere of brilliant light and that this surrounds all.  And that you are contained in the center chamber, the chamber of God, at the very center of this image, of this imagining.

And after that thought, is the thought also that the Earth is also torus-shaped.  That the energies of the Earth are also toroid.

This is indeed correct.  The toroid shape of that which could be seen somewhat as a spherical donut is fundamental to all energy patterns.   All cells.  All bodies.  All organizations.  All civilizations.  All planets have that which could be understood an energy spinning-torussignature or form that is toroidal in nature.  And that as one realizes this and achieves a connection to their own torus energy field, incorporating in the merkaba as well as the sphere around all, one will find that they achieve a place of power and strength, certainty and balance.

Would it be appropriate to also meditate for the planet itself in that respect?

Indeed, again, this is appropriate.  And that one can see Mother Earth at the center of the merkaba, and around Mother Earth, touching the points of the two intersecting isosceles triangles.  That they see the sphere containing all. Seeing this as an energization of Divine essence and consciousness.

Thank you, Awareness.  That gives us some practical application for what we need to be looking at, at this stage.  It certainly does seems like a time when we need to walk our talk.

That this is indeed so.  Walking the talk of spirit.  Your spirit.  Each individual spirit that speaks so loudly from within.  The fact that so many are asleep is simply because it was the choice of each spirit having the experience to put themselves in such a situation for the purpose of having a unique life experience of that nature.  But, many indeed are now awakening to a deeper truth.  Many are calling out for those who would lead those who would tell them where to go, but this Awareness says that the truest answer lies within one, in the heart, indeed.

candle-386607__340And that the request of the Divine at this time is to trust the heart, to know the heart, to awaken to the true heart connection, for it is the gateway to the Divine.  It is the chamber of God that beats within.  And that at this time, what is required is not that one follows one’s political leader or priest or rabbi or actor and celebrity, but rather that one begins truly to understand that God speaks from within, spirit speaks from within, and is totally available to one and all.

That with the energies of sweeping change, that also the energies of God are increasing at this time. Growing. Expanding.  And that many who have had some awareness, some thought on this matter, will start to awaken in great numbers.  And as they awaken, they will be faced with choice.  That they can try to return back into sleep, avoiding and denying that which is happening. Or, they can embrace that which is their awakening consciousness.  That they can understand from that source within that it is now time to walk one’s talk, and not simply talk the talk.  Those who would tell their followers simply to follow, will find that many of their followers will not follow.  Those who will indeed continue to be followers, who insist on staying asleep, who will not take responsibility, will have the experience that is right and correct for them in accordance to their soul’s plan.

But, this is that most unique time, where the soul is awakening, that many souls are awakening, and that the choice of moving into full comprehension and consciousness is at hand.  It is with responsibility that this Awareness says to one and all: that it is the Divine right of each and every individual to choose what they will, but that the request of God is that all now commence the process of awakening and to walk one’s talk.

Thank you very much, Awareness.  Did you have any other message or any other thoughts that you would like to share with us at this time?

There is one last thought that this Awareness would share.  It is of the biblical story of the prodigal son.  That this story is that of the father who rejoices the son, who has been absent, who has strayed, who has delved into darkness and corruption.  And that in his rejoicing, the question asked, “Why?” when the son who had departed, who had walked on the wild side, upon his return has received so much love and attention, while those who had been dutiful and obeying did not.  The matter is actually that those of spirit who have chosen to be separate from God are always rejoiced when they finally awaken and return back to that which is the God essence.

Those who never strayed have always stayed in the heart and love of God.  But those who have assisted God consciousness to have Its unique experience and find their way home are indeed rejoiced and celebrated.  This is the time for each and every prodigal son or daughter to return home again, back into the spark and essence of the Divine that has always been your home.  And that at this time, this Awareness sends Its energy out to each seeking soul who would walk their way home, fly home, swim home, ascend to home.

hug-2054837__340The home that is within and without.  The home that is the very essence of God Itself.  The spark of all.  That all sparks are welcome.  All prodigal sons and daughters, welcomed at this most crucial time.  That the promise of the Divine is and always has been that none will be left behind.  All will return home at the right time, and that this, for many, is now the right time and the right action.

Thank you, Awareness. 

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